Precious, you are precious
I know my mind is conscious
Not to sound silly but to me you are precious
I give thanks to God everyday for your existence
At times we spend too much time apart but it’s coz of the distance
I ran out of rhymes in the middle of this piece
But I pray that between us what we’ll always have is love and peace
When I’m lost in my thoughts
I’m mostly thinking about your kiss
How life would be if we had kids and how much you mean to me


Dear Life?

Dear life, I wish I could always say thanks for everything but I don’t have the time
For me all it’s been is strife, a hard life is not something I’d learn to love
Love is said to be essential but how do I know being in love with her is going to be eternal
It’s the only Son of the most high God that could love me from the inside out, I mean my internal
It’s the Son of a holy God that saved me from it all
He has made me whole
A life once seen as worthless and filthy has had an update and has been made holy
Spearheading this with passion is the Trinity
A God existing in three, the Father, the Son and the Spirit who is holy
Can’t describe how big a God he is, I’d have to take time and go through his history, I mean his obituary
But by God is not laying in the ground somewhere near Calvary
He made a recovery, he fought through the gates of hell and claimed his victory
So he’s got the key, no longer bound by chains like a slave nor are my eyes covered by a veil, I can see
Jesus is the end of sin, death and He is the beginning of life

A Love Letter

What are you doing there thinking you are not worth living or be among the living. You can’t tell if life is an illusion or dream, be it you’re alone or close to a soul that you feel connected to. Love is messy and beautiful, love is life and should be what you feel every time you wake. Love should be the whisper in your voice when you say hi to a person you meet. Love is beautiful and ugly depending on what it’s effect is to you. You either have it or choose not to show it. Jesus is the true nature of love. He loves you and is in love with you and he wants you to love him back but does not force you to. He gave his own life to show his love for you. There hasn’t been a greater sacrifice than what happened on the Cross of Calvary. Sin, pain, suffering, guilt, it was all taken from you in him. He died so you could live as you want for as long as he has planned for you to live. He has made plans for you, his word says. He can do all things beyond words to describe.. He has designed and made you with love. In His word He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made, no one in the history of mankind has been and will never be like you. You are imperfectly perfect, you are described as treasure in the eyes of God. He loves you and doesn’t want you to face the fate of those that have disobeyed him and set their hearts for evil desires. You were not made for that for you are his own, he’s given you the power and the authority over death, angels, situations and circumstances. He loves and I hope you know that. You are His as much as He is yours. He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You have life cause he’s chosen you out of the many people of skin colour, race, culture and language. You are his greatest work and so the are more valuable than an precious stone or jewel. Take it from me, get to know Jesus, have the Holy Spirit in your life heart and everything about you and God will show himself to you. Let peace be in your every breath, let your light shine. Jesus is your LOVE, PEACE and HOPE. Just thought you should know that.

Am I The One

I’m in a line along with a list of men she has in mind who would win her heart
These men are simply a fantasy of what she wants in her life but does not need.
When she speaks of having a perfect life with the perfect with the guy, it sickens my stomach.
My mind in the back is trying to find what I lack to be that perfect guy.
So I lie when I say I pray that she finds him
If we were to dance, what would our song be and why say it’s ours.
If we kissed, how much romance are we supposed to put into the moment with our eyes closed. When we look in each others eyes, do you see the surprises I plan ahead for us
Don’t let the moment pass, make it last
I love you but I’ll never let you know
It never slips my mind to think about her, she is simply perfect to the core.
Perfect beyond anything I could wish but why do I feel this will never come true?
Am I man enough to let her know how I feel or am I losing my mind over this girl?

My Apologies

Hi, my name is Lweendo
I was born on the 7th of April, so according to the people who think the stars can talk I’m an Aries. I have no idea what to do with that information
A series of events has led to the seconds of this hour and if you take a shower you’d think you’re cleaner than the bum or junkie seated in the corner
I enjoy rap gospel, talking in a really low voice coz I think people wouldn’t care what I have to say
I rarely make a sound nor do I speak a word coz I’m never in the mood to be heard
I have a thing for horror movies coz there’s always the thrilling part of the movie when one character remembers God exists
And up to a point in my life I was that character
I’ve been in a relationship with someone but I’ve never felt like it was ever a thing coz not a single wave moved the ship it’s like we were always in still waters or anchored in the same place by fears o getting close. We say being together only love matters but what’s the matter with us
We tend to say we love people but how often do we say we love God
See I never felt a connection with you and it’s led me to this presentation to say sorry. Sorry for never taking the time to say I’m sorry, to get to know you nor did I take the time to be with you
I never wanted it to be this way but you stayed without me asking. My body was sculpted by God, to be more pure than gold but I made it filthy by shying away from you but you stayed still
Will you ever say something to complain about me coz your silence makes me think I’m not worthy to be called righteous coz what I’ve done just doesn’t feel right
But thanks for the time, the patience and love, coz all that has made me laugh when I was low, and better when I was sick and cry when I think about the years you spent waiting for me to stop crying.
Hi, my name is Lweendo. Given life by a Good and Just God and made holy in his sight. I am God’s child, just trying to get through life, living a purposeful life. Not trying to say to much, I thank God I’m alive. Hear me clearly, when He knocks please do answer his call coz in him you have it all. Chasing the world will make you fall, but following Christ you are made whole.
Thank you